Confidence in Car Buying For Our Teen Daughter’s First Car

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I was on a flight over 10,000 feet in the air on my way back home from a media event I attended in Los Angeles. It was a short flight, about an hour, back to Las Vegas and I had a lot on my mind as we prepared for a series of back-to-back birthdays for our children.

I took advantage of the airplane’s available wifi and spent it catching up on work while trying to answer emails and texts from friends and family. A text came through from my husband that said, “What do you think of this car I found on Autotrader. Yay or nay???”

I pulled up the Autotrader listing and checked out the photos of a beautiful, white 2002 Honda Civic LX. I texted my husband back, “It’s perfect for Jasmine, check it out for me in person and let me know what you think.”

After landing back in Las Vegas, my husband sent me photos while we were deplaning of the same car in-person. “I love the car, it’s in excellent condition, and really clean and nice looking inside and out. I don’t think I want to pass this up, I’ve looked at several cars already and none of them look and sound as good as this car. I’m not sure whether it’s a good deal, though, where should we check?”

While I was waiting in the plane to exit out, I referenced back to the Autotrader listing and saw the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor seal with a URL link that led to the car’s potential price value. I clicked on that Autotrader Kelley Blue Book link and saw that the car was for sale for $3,500 but based on the condition of the vehicle from what my husband reported, the potential value can be between $3,000-$4,500.

I took a screenshot of the Autotrader Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor and told him that we’re getting a great deal, to try to negotiate, and that I was on the way to the dealership now straight from the airport.

Upon my arrival at the dealership, we negotiated a couple of items on the car and got everything we wanted and needed and confidently left the dealership paying cash for car just in time for our daughter’s upcoming seventeenth birthday.

The car was in such great condition, detailed and cleaned that all we needed to do was buy a big red box to surprise her with it. She had no idea she was getting a new car. She thought we were upgrading her smartphone as a birthday gift! Haha! Jokes on her…

Here’s the video we captured of Jasmine receiving her first car on her 17th birthday…

As women we are totally kicking butt everywhere in life — in our business, at home with our children and significant others, and making major strides on a global scale as influencers (me personally). But many still feel less than confident about the car shopping process – why is that? It’s because many shoppers are worried about finding the right car at the right price and aren’t sure they are getting the best deal. It’s time to own our purchasing power with confidence!

It could have been a daunting task for us, but it can be just like our experience…it doesn’t have to be scary! I went in the car dealership with my husband ready to confidently ask for what I want and negotiate my terms, because I came in there prepared and ready to make a purchase as an informed female consumer. Anyone can empower themselves to make a wise purchase, thanks to Autotrader, and the recent addition of the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor on Autotrader listings.

You won’t implement something unless you’ve researched and educated yourself first, right?! It’s just like my first time working out in my Hot Pilates workout class. I was nervous and unsure of what to expect working out in that hot room, but after checking it out online and understanding what I was getting myself into first, I now take Hot Pilates 2-3 times each week! I confidently walk into class knowing some of the other members, knowing the moves and routines, and even knowing the instructors.

And THAT is what confidence in car buying was like for us thanks to Kelley Blue Book’s Price Advisor, which is now seamlessly integrated on the Autotrader website. THAT was the confidence boost we needed in our very first car buying experience where we paid cash for our teen’s (also first) car. The Autotrader pairing up with Kelley Blue Book’s Price Advisor ensures you’re conveniently getting the best deal when searching for cars, so you’ll feel more confident than ever during the car shopping process! This tool will equip you to make well-informed, well researched, and confident decisions when it comes to choosing your new (or used for us) vehicle.

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