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Conceal Blemishes Like A Professional

You wake up, wash your face and there it is. A zit, blemish, pimple. Enormous, red and angry.
Of course, blemishes always grace us with their presence at the worst. possible. time. Covering up blemishes has eluded women for generations. I have found the solution though, and I am going to share it with you!

1: Primer the area. I like Up All Night Primer by Urban Decay.

2: Apply foundation to the entire face. I really like Skin Perfecter.

3: Apply concealer to the blemish and spread outward in small strokes. Leave the blemish itself alone. My favorite concealer is Time Balm.

4: If necessary, reapply foundation to blend in the concealer.

I realize it seems counter intuitive to apply concealer over foundation, but I am telling you: this is the secret! The concealer over the foundation leaves a clean, flawless appearance. Now, you can strut into conferences, picture days or big meetings with confidence. (I just wish I had figured this out in high school!)

I want to know: What concealer do you use?!