Composition Of An Outfit

Putting together an outfit is easily comparable to writing an essay–at least today it is! I am going to walk you through the composition of an outfit in 5 easy steps. If you are looking to look better in your clothes, coordinate your outfits and accessorize these tips will get you started.

Outline: Undergarments

When writing, an outline is one of the most important parts of the process. It is the starting point. Choosing the correct undergarments for an outfit is equally as important. Your undergarment can make or break an outfit! So how do you create the perfect outline?

  • Make sure your bras fit properly. Don't go to chain stores; for a proper fitting, try a high end department store.
  • Pick the perfect pair of panties. I know that sounds strange, but your undies can give you an air of confidence. Plus, you don't want panty lines (eek!)
  • Watch your silhouette. When you look in the mirror, make sure the lines of your body are smooth. Undergarments that cut into your hips, booty or back will show through your entire outfit.

Thesis Statement: The Basics

A thesis statement is the declaration of an essay, and the basic components of an outfit declare what you're saying. But, what are the basics? The basics are the bottom and top. The basics may look different, but are always the same: a blouse, t-shirt, maxi dress; skirt, shorts, jeans, slacks. They should define what your outfit says. Are you Preppy, Hipster, Geek Chic, Professional, Sporty?

First Draft: Accessories

Now that you have an outline and a thesis statement its time to work on your first draft! It's time for accessories…this may in fact be my favorite part of getting dressed. Much like the first draft of an essay, your accessories start to mold the final production. Accessories include but are not limited to jewelry, scarfs and glasses.

Editing: Make-Up and Hair

Your make-up and hair edit your outfit. They tell those around you just how dressed up or dressed down you are. Are you going for a glitzed out club look or formal ball look? Professional or No make-up perfection? I can go from plain ol' mama to put together It Mom by adding a scarf to my top knot!

Final Draft: Shoes

After all the steps are done you have to finish off your final draft with a bang! Shoes are the best way to say “Hey, I'm put together!” Put a pair of chucks with an evening gown and you look confused… childish even. But pair amazing strappy heels with boyfriend jeans and you say “Look at me! I've got it going on!”

What is your favorite step to composing an outfit?


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