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How To Care For Your Long Hair…Properly


Have you ever wondered how to care for your long hair properly? How to achieve perfect shine and shimmer, escape split ends and beat the static fray? If you have, today is your lucky day! I am going to let you in on the best kept secrets for rocking long hair.

Split Ends: When you start to notice split ends, grab the hair scissors and snip them off right above the splitting point. This should be done once a week.

Truth About Trims: Have you ever missed your 6 week trim? Maybe a better question would be: “Have you ever made your 6 week trim?” I know personally I rarely, if ever, can manage to hit the salon every 6 weeks. According to my stylist, if you ‘self-trim' your ends you only need to go in every 3-6 months for styling.

Washing: I had always been told that I need to wash my hair daily because of my hair type (oily). I honestly believed it and washed daily, until I had kids. I noticed that I could wash their hair once a week and it never got oily. I switched to a natural shampoo and started slowly cutting back on my washing routine. I wash my hair twice a week (unless I have had an intense workout), and it has never been healthier or prettier (and it's not greasy!). When washing your hair, only wash the scalp. The rest of your hair is already dry–shampooing will only dry it out more.

Moisturize: I live in Colorado; it is insanely dry here. I never realized how desperately my hair needed moisture while growing up in Florida! Hair of any length needs to be moisturized daily. The secret to perfect moisturizing is to only condition the bottom 1/3 of your hair. I like ‘Peace, Love and the Planet' leave in conditioner by TIGI.

Chemicals & Heat: STOP! Just stop. You don't need to put 83,593,025 chemicals in your hair, blow dry and then flat iron it before you leave the house. The sexiest hair, in my opinion, is that salty, beachy, I-just-got-done-surfing-because-I'm-awesome look. It looks amazing, and it doesn't require any chemicals or heat. Chemicals and heat destroy hair, causing damage that can't be undone.

Do you have a secret or a question about long hair? Let's hear it!

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