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Cabin Fever Buster – 10 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities For Kids

Winter months also mean not just cold, but snow and rain.  This means kids are indoors more often.  Here are our favorite Cabin Fever Busters – 10 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids that are tons of fun for the whole family.  Not only will most of these be inexpensive or use items you already have around the house, they will be tons of fun and exciting for your kids to do with you.  Getting involved with kids activities is always a good idea, but these give you freedom to allow them some independent play as well.

Cabin Fever Busters – 10 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

Build a fort.  There is nothing more fun or classic than grabbing pillows, blankets and chairs to build a fort.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy creating that fun hidden corner in the living room to sneak into and tell stories, eat snacks or pretend you are gone camping.  Let your kids take their tablet or DVD player into the fort for a special “movie room”.

Make homemade play dough.  We love using hair conditioner and corn starch to make a fun soft, moisturising and cheap homemade play dough. Mix together until consistency that you like (usually 1 part conditioner to 2 parts corn starch) and add food coloring if desired.  If you prefer edible play dough, search for dozens of fun recipes found online.

Complete a puzzle.  Puzzles are so inexpensive and tons of fun.  Your local dollar store will have anything from a ids 40 piece puzzle to the 1000 count puzzles the whole family will get involved in.  Once your puzzle has been put together, use glue and cardboard to make it permanent and add to a frame for a fun new piece of artwork in your home.

Bake and decorate cookies.  There is nothing more fun than letting the kids help you make your famous oatmeal raisin cookies, or fun sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles for decorating.

Create custom cards to send to friends and family.  Grab the craft supplies and create fun and unique cards to send to friends and family. These are perfect for sending to grandparents, aunts and uncles that live out of town.

Paint t-shirts with homemade potato stamps.  Grab old solid colored t-shirts and paints to make your own hand painted t-shirts.  Use potatoes cut into shapes as simple stamps and let kids decorate as they please.

Put on a play.  Grab the dress up clothes and a sheet for the stage curtain and let your kids put on a fun play for the whole family, or even neighborhood!

Write a story book.  Let them tell their own story.  If old enough they can write and even illustrate their own book.  Younger kids can help draw pictures while you write the store according to their directions.

Learn a new craft.  Grab the yarn and crochet hooks and teach your kids (boys and girls) how to crochet or knit.  This is a fun and simple craft to keep them active on days at home.  This can even be a great way for them to make gifts for the holidays or a few extra dollars by selling them to their friends.

Have an at home spa day.  This is always popular with the little girls.  Grab the nail polish, scrubs and eye masks and set up a fun spa day. Do each others nails, or give each other facials and drink juice out of special glasses.

These 10 indoor activities for kids are super fun to help get rid of boredom on long winter days.  Whether it is the weather keeping you indoors, or perhaps illness has hit your home this list is a great place to look for things to keep everyone busy and happy.

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