Business Tip of the Day: The Idea Book

It’s so true when you hear successful entrepreneurs say that many good ideas have come within a split second and oftentimes in places like the shower, when you’re jogging, or when you’re walking the dog. I am constantly brainstorming and collaborating new processes, marketing programs, and creative ideas to engage my readers and grow our blog. Although my true passion is writing and blogging – an entrepreneur must constantly be looking ahead and seeing the big picture to work towards that end result, and as an entrepreneur, I’m not alone. Virtually every business person I have come across has brilliant ideas for building that empire. As productive as collaboration can be for your business – do not let that take you away from bringing in the revenue for your business today.

To get your focus in the right direction, I recommend putting together an ‘Idea Book’. The ‘Idea Book’ is meant to help encourage the creative juices that are flowing in that brain of yours onto paper for future reference! When you come across something inspiring, a new product idea, marketing processes or programs you could implement, and other new concepts to drive more sales then write away in that ‘Idea Book’ of yours. There are no formats or reports or special questions to answer — just write, draw, sketch, or whatever you need to do to get those ideas out of your head to begin mapping out your business growth. You can also write revisions to processes, changes you would like to see, and updated versions you think may help your business. The key is to write it down so you don’t forget it later. It’s not only satisfying to write it down, but recent studies have shown that a person who writes down an idea has a higher chance of taking action than someone who only keeps it in their head – similar to holding yourself accountable to finishing assignments or homework you’ve written down for school.

Now that we’ve accomplished our first year as a entrepreneur/blogpreneur, we used the ‘Idea Book’ as a team to begin a planning session on most (if not all) ideas from the ‘Idea Book’ to evaluate possibilities. This helps us set a precedence, and keeps the head honcho (you) focused. Two of the most difficult time sucks in businesses today occur from lack of focus and procrastination. They not only waste time, but they also cause you to miss out on opportunities. The ‘Idea Book’ can aid in offering you direction and self-discipline to help you map out and plan the year ahead. Make sure to stick to it!

My ‘Idea Book’ has been invaluable in “taking the first step”. Whether it was to start a blog, create a second blog, or thinking up the next biggest “thing” to hit the consumer market – the ideas you put out could potentially equal to larger amounts of dollars for you one day. And to me, that is the easiest $3 investment to my business that I’ve ever made. My ‘Idea Book’ is constructed of a leather bound composition book cover and a composition notebook. I love the idea of being able to label and add dates to the front of the composition notebooks so that you can file it away and pull it out for future reference. And it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come from the beginning of inception of an idea!

We’d love to see your ‘Idea Book’ and what you’ve used it for to grow your business! Don’t forget to leave us a comment below to share your ideas, and different ways you’ve constructed your ‘Idea Book’!

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