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This is a sponsored post for the Amway Atmosphere SkyTM Air Treatment System. All opinions are my own.

It’s been a few weeks now since we’ve brought the Amway Atmosphere SkyTM Air Treatment System into our home, and we cannot deny the positive changes we’ve experienced from this amazing air purifier.

During this time of the year, allergies are unavoidable in our household. With the weather changing, plants going through their seasonal transformations and just overall living in a desert city like Las Vegas, having a normal day that doesn’t consist of having to deal with itchy noses and throats is a battle. It’s one thing having to deal with that while being outside, but being at home should not have to be the same way. Unfortunately, it was that way, until recently.

Since the addition of our Atmosphere SkyTM Air Treatment System, breathing has been… well, easier. You don’t always think about how poor indoor air quality can affect your daily life, until something changes it for the better. We have definitely felt those changes! For one, we are sleeping better. I’m sure we are not the only ones that have experienced trying to sleep through the night with annoying allergies. You might as well just stay awake! We used to wake up feeling like we slept face down on the grass. We were so tired, both mentally and physically, that everything we did throughout the day was just a drag. You really are affected more than you realize by allergens, bacteria, mold and mildew present in the air you breathe. Now, we wake up in a better mood and are more motivated to take on the day.

Also, when we cook, the smell no longer sticks around. A lot of the food we cook at home has spices and ingredients that leave an odor throughout the house. Now, we can just turn on the Atmosphere SkyTM Air Treatment System to help reduce cooking odors. Not only can we see and feel the changes, but we can also smell them too.

These are just some of the reasons we are so grateful that we have the Amway Atmosphere SkyTM Air Treatment System. Not only has it improved the air we breathe, but it’s contributed to the improvement of our lifestyle – and it’s only been a few weeks! And with the ability to control it through the AtmosphereTM app, it has been a very convenient experience. There is no complicated setup every time we turn it on. While we sleep, eat, watch movies, read or play with the kids, the system is doing its job to ensure we’re breathing quality air.

If you haven’t purchased a system for your home, consider what it can do for you and your family. For more information about the Amway Atmosphere SkyTM Air Treatment System and/or to purchase your new unit, check out www.Amway.com/at-home/atmosphere-sky. You can also follow Amway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.


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