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Behind the Scenes: Nike Young Athletes Innovation Summit (EVENT DAY) #NIKEKIDS

Did you know that anyone under the age of twelve thinks and believes that they can do and be anything? “Dream big. Anything can happen.” was the kickoff quote Nike shared with us as soon as we settled into this picturesque of a room they called ‘The Blogger Lounge'. With that quote came a very touching commercial of photos of professional athletes now versus when they were children. Everyone was once a child, and Nike's concept is to serve the athlete. What is Nike's definition of an athlete, you ask? “If you have a body, you're an athlete”

As an exclusive blogger selected to participate in Nike's first ever Nike's Young Athletes Innovation Summit program, none of us were sure what to expect. The experience was by far one of THE BEST experiences of not just my blogging life, but my life overall. Nike did such a great job thinking through every detail of what the “Mommy Bloggers” would need during this trip. Not only did we get to experience first class air, we also received total VIP status with luxury car service, accommodations at The Nines Hotel (4-5 star property), and non-stop servings of every food group known to man. We learned about so much of the Nike history from the tours that we took, and the passionate employees who truly made this experience second to none. I honestly think my new found respect, inspiration, and perception of Nike stemmed from the experience of their employees before we even set foot on the Nike World Headquarters (AKA “Nike Campus”).

I loved every part of my day – from the presentations to the top-secret access to the Innovation Lab, and upcoming new shoe releases. We felt so compelled to scream, “We love you, Nike!” a million times during every experience we touched upon. Not only did we walk away with tons of new Nike gear, and my twelve year old son's very own pair of Nike ID custom shoes – we walked away building new relationships with other fellow bloggers, the Nike Young Athletes Team, and the Glam Media team. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience that Noah and I will never forget. How many twelve year old kids would have the opportunity to say they got to do the activities and meet the people they did at Nike? Not too many!

To sum up the day, there is only one word that can truly describe Nike, their employees, and their innovation: INSPIRATIONAL. I left the Nike Campus inspired to be a better mother, to allow my children to be more active, and most of all, to remember what it was like when I was my son's age and how I also believed I could do and be anything and how big my dreams were. And you know what? I am living out that same dream I thought up at the age of twelve – to be an influential writer that touched many lives. Noah also left with a grateful heart, and came out of that shell of his to network with the other children. We both had a great time, and learned so much about Nike's passion for serving the athlete, and how humble this global brand really is.

The ultimate highlight of our day: the opportunity to video Skype Mia Hamm, Women's U.S. Soccer Player and Amy Yoder Begley, Olympic Runner. Listening to Mia Hamm's story as a career woman with twins and trying to balance it all is the exact mantra and philosophy of The ‘It' Mom. I am amazed to see athletes and celebrities trying to juggle it all, and it humbles me knowing that we are all normal people. I love their way of thinking: “If we build a product that people want and need, the money will come”.

And just when I thought our day was ending, Nike wowed us all again with their state-of the-art, highly secured onsite childcare facility. They are the only platinum lead certified childcare in the world, feed the children organic foods, ,and encourage a green environment all around. But the cherry on top of the sundae was the small, quick shopping trip at the Nike Employee Store. Yes, it is true, I did a great deal of money saving damage at the Nike Employee Store and darn proud of it!


I have a new fire, a new passion, and a new inspiration for this athletic apparel giant. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to take a peek at the wonderful hospitality we got to experience with Nike and the Nike employees.

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*Compensation was provided by Nike via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nike.*