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Beauty Bad Habits: Look Better By NOT Doing These 5 Things

Every now and then you look in the mirror and realize you are not looking your best. We all have times when we fall victim to what are considered bad beauty choices. Avoid these Beauty Bad Habits – Look Better By Not Doing This in your daily routine this year. We are going to give you some simple Bad Beauty Habits to avoid to make your beauty routine better for your appearance.

Beauty Bad Habits 

1. Skip Sunscreen. One of the worst things you can do for your skin and your health is to skip sunscreen. Not only do you put yourself at risk for skin cancer, you will often develop sun burn that leads to scars, or simply darkened spots or blemishes on your skin that are unsightly.

2. Don't go to the dentist. While some people are born with naturally pretty smiles, many have to have dental care as a youth to correct issues with their bite. As an adult, you don't want to neglect your teeth just because they are straight. Gum disease, cavities and gingivitis can create an ugly smile as an adult. Make sure to get your teeth cleaned and checked regularly. Think of adding a tooth whitener to look younger.  As we age teeth discolor adding years to our appearance.

3. Don't give your skin a break. Wearing makeup all day every day can cause all kinds of clogged pores and acne breakouts. Devote at least one day a week to letting your skin breath. Wash with a basic soap and water, cleanse then leave off all of the makeup.

4. Not getting enough sleep. When you skip much needed sleep, your body begins to see the wear and tear quickly. From bags under your eyes to dry skin or more wrinkles! A lack of sleep is a huge beauty bad habit. Make sure you are continuing to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.

5. Getting Dehydrated. You might think you are getting enough water but chances are you are slightly dehydrated, all the time.  Since our skin is made up mainly of water that equals, you guessed it, wrinkles!  Water also helps the skin to clean itself resulting in fewer blemishes, not to mention it's all around good for your body.  Look into increasing your water intake to look younger and feel healthier!

It is often the little Beauty Bad Habits that are the worst on our overall beauty regimen. Not taking good care of your body from the inside out will create a less attractive outward appearance every time.