Be “In The Know” On All Things Automotive and Tech Thanks To Ride.Tech!

This post is sponsored by Kelley Blue Book; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

It's no secret that technology, sustainability and autonomy undergo rapid changes that oftentimes leave consumers feeling behind on news yesterday. Am I right??? So how does a wannabe techy learn about things like ride tech?

They go to the new launched Ride.Tech — Kelley Blue Book's new website as a resource for automotive and tech news!

Kelley Blue Book launched Ride.Tech, a new website resource with loads of editorial content on topics including electric and hybrid vehicles, self-driving cars, car subscriptions, ride-hailing (Uber and Lyft), car sharing, scooters, flying cars, micro-mobility to electric vehicles and more. So many great topics of conversation!

Kelley Blue Book continues as the forefront in resourceful car buying and automotive research and truly supports those, like me, who want to be “in the know” about all things transportation and be up to date on new happenings. On Ride.Tech, you'll also have access to a breadth of knowledge available to readers when they follow Ride.Tech on social media and dive into their editorial content.

There are tons of fun topics available to browse — one of the articles that caught my attention was “5 Best Affordable Electric Cars”. I enjoyed reading it, because it was a wealth of information on the BEST affordable electric cars (not just the most affordable), and it considered variables other than price. There were also characteristics that were well researched and well written on things like price, range, utility, safety and value.

Having research like this handy makes for an informed consumer when it comes time to shop for an electric car – I love how easily accessible automotive tips like this are on Ride.Tech!

Ride.Tech will soon be able to help inform future transportation decisions, whether a consumer is buying or using a vehicle.

The It Mom community was built on a foundation of confident moms, and confidence comes from being prepared, well researched and up to date on trends that play an important role in your life (like your form of transportation that takes you places and allows you to travel on road trips). Be sure to subscribe to Ride.Tech — I want you to be “in the know” too!

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