Amazon Appstore Family Offers Entertainment and Fun for the Kids During the Holidays

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I love my kids, I really do. But when the holidays get busy and they're home for winter break, it can get pretty disastrous when they're bored out of their minds. I work from home full-time, so you can imagine the hoops I have to jump just so I could keep them occupied.

And it's even tougher for us when the kids want something do when we're in the middle of decorating the house, shopping for gifts, cooking for a large gathering and all the wonderful things we experience and do during the holidays.

When I'm looking for entertainment for my kids around the busy holidays, Amazon Appstore Family has been a game-changer! Like most moms, I'm already using Amazon pretty regularly, who else? I'm sure you are too! Appstore Family lets me use my Amazon login to download age-appropriate apps for our family, and it even sorts the apps by education, games and entertainment!

Check out the video we created showing you some of the cool things Amazon Appstore Family has to offer…

It is definitely a great central hub for keeping the kids distracted, preoccupied, busy (you get where I'm going with this), while you get the house ready for the holidays – problem solved!

The Amazon Appstore Family is a great source for games and apps on other devices. It's so organized and easy to use – the games and apps are divided up by education, games and entertainment and makes it easy for parents to find age-appropriate apps for their families.

The Amazon Appstore Family focuses on providing fun fresh content for kids (and us parents) with a selection of apps in the store which keeps your kids learning, even during the winter break (exactly what I need).

I love that the Amazon Appstore Family partners with other Amazon family of products – like Books and Prime Student, to provide deals and discounts on products kids (and parents) love.

I highly encourage you to check it out for yourself, and you'll see that it's a great way to keep your kids busy while still learning during their down times.

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