How To Achieve The Fixer Upper Look At Home

How To Achieve The Fixer Upper Look at Home

If you’re a serial HGTV watcher, you’ve likely seen (and loved!) the show Fixer Upper featuring Chip & Joanna Gaines. They’re a great TV couple, have written a book, and are wildly popular for their unique style. They’ve brought farmhouse chic to a whole new level and popularity, and if you’re wondering how you can bring the “Fixer Upper” look to your home – look no further! Today, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite tips for bringing that “Fixer Upper” look to your home in no time!

Thrifting is your friend!

One of the best ways to find pieces to achieve the Fixer Upper look is by thrifting. There are so many possibilities for bringing old and antique pieces back to life and what better way than to revitalize something that’s been used and loved? Places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and even yard sales are all great places to look for those unique pieces that will liven a room up. If you’re into farmhouse decor, try searching places in more rural areas to look for those special pieces. If you’re not sure what direction to take with your decor, find one piece that you really love and design the rest of the room around that piece!

Creating a vision for your space.

Part of the draw of Chip & Joanna Gaines show and decor style is that they’re all about creating spaces for families to enjoy together. Creating a space where your family can really just enjoy themselves and relax is a great way to really set a vision for a room. Whether you’re creating a space that includes children or just for adult entertaining, it’s a good idea to set a vision for each room before you start adding decor.

Lots of light!

The Fixer Upper look usually includes a lot of natural lighting. If you have the option, choose a room with a lot of natural light to design. If it isn’t an option, consider using lighter and brighter colors like white and yellow to brighten the room up a little bit! This is a fan favorite feature of theirs, and if you’re looking to get that look – light is your friend!

Keep these 3 things in mind when designing a new look for any room of your home and you’ll have that Fixer Upper look in no time!

What kind of design is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!


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