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TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY: 3 Favorite Summer Foods Healthified

We all have our own share of food favorites but during summer, food seems to appear more appetizing. To make it worse, they are EVERYWHERE — festivals, cookouts, and street fairs to name a few. Unfortunately, what you don’t see are the chunks of fat, sugar, and unwanted calories in them. How do you stick to eating healthy you promised yourself to do? Let me help you enjoy 3 of your favorite summer foods and still look good in your bikini.


Ice Cream Flavors

1. Ice Cream

This one is no surprise. What better way to beat the heat than enjoying a delicious chocolate chip ice cream? It’s hard to resist! What you don’t know (or you know but sometimes deny) is even a 1/2 cup serving of store-bought ice cream is packed with saturated fat and calories. Solution: Make your healthy ice cream at home! “Healthify” by substituting milk with low or non-fat milk, put it in a blender with your favorite fruit and throw it to the freezer. I’m sure it’s going to be just as good as the ones from the nearby grocery store!


2. Grilled Burgers

Summer time is grilling time! It’s when people bring out the grilling set for a fun lunch with family and friends. Favorites? Burgers, ribs, hotdogs, sausages a.k.a a heart attack waiting to happen. Solution: Mix fat-free Greek yogurt with meat before shaping into patties to keep it moistened while on the grill rather than brushing it with some oily sauce. You can also substitute mayo spread with yogurt! Use whole-wheat buns for your hamburgers or go bun-less by making a lettuce wrap burger. For children, try chicken or turkey hotdogs as they are lighter than the regular ones.



3. Chips

We make it sure we always bring bags of chips to the beach. It’s nice to snack on delicious chips while you’re getting a much-wanted tan. Crunchy chips are addictively good BUT most or them are bad for you. Solution: Avoid potato chips. Most commercial chips including potato, corn, and tortilla chips are packed with sodium and trans fat. Good news is, as people get smarter at making healthier choices, many manufacturers are now producing healthier versions of our favorite snacks. Go for healthier ones and partner it with some fresh orange juice to make your day more perfect than it already is.

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