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4 Simple and Quick Ways To Personalize Your Child’s School Uniforms

This post is sponsored by Target.

This post is sponsored by Target.

School uniforms. We all have a love/hate relationship with uniforms, and when you've got children who love style, fashion accessories like most of mine do, it can become bothersome to them too. Through the years, I have found Target as my absolute go-to place for school uniforms because of a variety of factors: price, quality and style. Oh, I love Target's selection of kid's styles. And as mundane as school uniforms can look, you don't have to sacrifice style and I'll show you how in four easy ways!

To create style and personalize your child's school uniforms, I've made fashionable clothes shopping quick and painless by seeking out our local Target store. Here is what I've found from head to toe that can separate my children from the rest of the sea of uniforms and how yours too can stand out the most when they return back to school:

Girls Uniforms

1. Accessories: Items like hats (if students are allowed), scarves, earrings, and statement necklaces are a great way to turn uniforms from drab to fab. They're little hints of colorful and stylish yet eye-popping accessories that really help your child stand out.

Juliana Scarf

2. Backpacks: Target is awesome because they offer licensed backpacks that my kids absolutely love – from Minions (which is what Juliana chose) to Disney Frozen and more! It's stylish, functional, fun, and helps separate your child from the others.

Target BTS Minion Backpack

3. Socks: Back to the licensed products — socks are a great way to personalize your child's style and there are cute licensed products that are bright and fun like these Minion socks! Socks never go out of style, and add a touch of fabulous to every plain uniform.

Jude Batman Backpack

4. Shoes: This one's a given, but don't feel like you have to wear boring and plain colored shoes to match the plain colored uniforms. Shoes can be colorfully designed, brightly colored, and made comfortable – especially when you find them at Target.

It is always a delight watching the kids return to school, but as a modern mom, it's even better when they are rocking stylishly into class with fashionably functional uniforms and accessories.

Starwars Boy SHoes

MONEY + TIME SAVINGS TIP: Be sure to shop for your school uniforms and accessories during Target's sale from August 16 – September 9! Your shopping strategy: come prepared by having your manufacturer coupons and Target coupons ready to combine with your Target RED Card!


Target makes going back to school easy.

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