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3 Ways To Wear Cufflinks for Women

3 Ways To Wear Cuff Links for Women

UPDATE: We've officially sold out! We've updated our links to provide alternative fashion options for women's cufflinks and french cuff dress shirts in the meantime.

Cufflinks for women are the hottest trend right now in fashion accessories.

I've created 3 ways to wear cufflinks for women after coming down from my fashion high from New York Fashion Week. I've discovered some fun and eclectic new trends that have caught my attention LOUD and CLEAR from the NYFW runways. But let's be honest – the Fashion Week pieces are a little over the top! Especially for busy working moms like myself (and you) who probably can't show up to work in this…

Photo Credit Source: Vogue Magazine

The first thought that came to my mind whenever I'd hear the word cufflinks: men's tuxedo. Something a man would wear to their wedding with their tuxedo, to a black tie event, to a VERY special event or…just a very wealthy man overall. Bahaha!

Then one day my mind was completely blown when my husband received a fancy package in the mail of bow ties and handwoven silk cufflinks. The cuff links were gorgeous and I envisioned how cute and sophisticated they would be on women wearing their crisp dress shirts a variety of ways.

Are cufflinks only for men?

I did some research on where the cufflink originated and the history of the cufflink and was pretty amazed with some of the details I found. The modern cuff link first appeared in the early 1500s, and worn with ruffled wristbands that had to be tied together with strings by elite, proper gentlemen. It wasn't until the early 1700s that different, more ornate styles came into play — from gold and silver linked chains to glass cuff links. The by mid-1700s, cuff links were button shaped made of jewels like diamonds and became a fashion accessory staple in a man's wardrobe.

The Industrial Revolution arrived towards the end of the 1700s where manufacturing cuff links were more affordable for men of almost every class. Now cufflinks provide everyone (including women) an opportunity to customize and exclusively add a taste of their own unique sense of style to their dress shirts or suits. There are a variety of designs and styles now, but the perception of cufflinks have remained the same through many generations up until today: socialyte, high society, and luxury are those perceptions.

Cufflinks for women

I also noticed something else that was lacking in the cufflinks industry – the available designs and styles for women! I've worn cufflinks to work and it's amazing how many compliments I received from peers and management about these cufflinks. And they go with any outfit, they are amazing in every way with adding a unique touch of my own custom style into boring dress shirts.

To show you examples of how a touch of small cufflinks can create such an elegant and gorgeous look to your outfit, I've put together 3-different ways you can wear cufflinks for the modern mom.

You can wear your cufflinks with a skirt when you're out in the town shopping.

You can wear your cufflinks with culottes or slacks as workwear for our career moms.

You can wear your cufflinks with jeans and a pair of patent leather pumps for casual days of running errands.

Your lookbook is unlimited when you've got a unique set of cufflinks for women to pair with your outfits. If you're new to wearing cufflinks, it's important to know that you must wear them with a crisp, fitted french dress shirt like the one in the photo above.

A french cuff dress shirt for large chested women.

A french cuff fitted dress shirt should have soft, comfortable fabric with high quality stitching and anti-gap buttons. Anti-gap buttons are necessary for women with large chests. If you are large chested, you will totally understand where I'm coming from when it comes to shopping for button-down anything…it can be a total nightmare and require modifications using safety pins, fashion tape, or custom alterations.