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3 Ways That I Use MY LG OLED Smart TV To Entertain

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We've lived in our home for over four years, and I'm happy to report that it is as smart as it is pretty. And by smart, I mean geeked out in smart home features. Now, we want everything we put in our house to be smart!

You have no idea how stoked I was when Best Buy delivered our new 77’’ LG OLED C8 TV! And getting our new LG OLED TV mounted was seamless all thanks to the Geek Squad installing it for us! We had this giant tech beauty delivered to our home and installed by the Geek Squad, and it couldn't have come a more perfect time. Less hassle for us, by allowing experts to take care of it. And we could always use the time we saved by spending quality time together with our loved ones, especially our children. Enriching their lives by early adopting tech gadgets helps them stay one step ahead, and I enjoy getting it first before anyone else does.

Check out this awesome video that George (The It Dad) created on all the cool features of our new LG OLED C8 TV!

We're sharing 3 ways to use your LG OLED C8 TV to entertain!


Want a cinematic movie night experience at home? With the 77″ LG OLED C8 TV we've truly immerse ourselves into movies (and even tv shows, sports, and more) for an unmatched experience in gorgeous 4K Ultra HD level picture quality! We enjoy a premium cinematic, home theater experience with this big screen LG OLED TV. Plus with the Dolby Atmos, we enjoy a premium cinematic, home theater sound experience from overhead and around the TV with moving audio: crickets chirping all around, a monster roaring from behind, or a plane soaring overhead. Dolby Atmos content creates a more detailed sound experience that appears to come from everywhere for a wonderfully realistic, immersive experience that puts you inside the story.

Will you look at the intense colors! There are 8.3 million individually lit pixels that can brighten, dim or power off completely, achieving perfect black and displaying a level of picture detail impossible with any other television technology. The perfect black canvas and expanded color gamut of the LG OLED TV with AI ThinQ intensify its vast palette to match that level of color vibrance, recreating cinematic experience as intended by filmmakers.


When you go to the Gallery App of the LG OLED C8 TV, you'll enjoy beautiful and artistic images that appear in digital picture frames. It's a beautiful backdrop that are truly conversation starters and ice breakers during a party or gathering. LG’s most powerful processor, a9 (Alpha9) providing superb picture quality: Award winning intelligent processor. LG's most powerful processor ever provides true-to-life images that seem lifelike and real with incredibly rich colors, sharpness and depth to deliver the ultimate picture quality.

The 77″ LG OLED C8 TV also allows me to go online via the browser app or we can also conveniently control our TV with voice commands to change picture settings (movie mode, game mode, sports mode etc.), change volume of tv, search for shows and movies, control compatible connect home devices.


When it comes to hosting a gathering or party for our friends and family, presentation is EVERYTHING! From the table spread, food layout, party decor, and furniture – it all needs to be ready for a party! My new LG OLED TV with AI ThinQ® has a sleek, incredibly slim design that's head-turning and complements any home décor. I love how it doesn't bulge from the wall too.

The 77″ LG OLED C8 TV AI ThinQ® has the Google Assistant built in, so you can control compatible smart home devices using the power of your voice and without disrupting your TV watching experience! It can be a center for your smart home and beyond PLUS it works with Amazon Alexa devices. I've used my Google Assistant many a number of times during a party to play YouTube videos or even go on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to choose a photo for my own custom backdrop. This smart TV also allows you to launch apps like Netflix, Hulu, and more.

What are other creative ways you've used your Smart TV to entertain! I'd love to know – leave a comment below!

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