3 Thumbs Up for Disney Pixar’s Monsters University


Creative, hilarious and adorable! Disney Pixar's Monsters University in 3D, a prequel to Monsters Inc. was so much fun. The entire movie from start to finish had my undivided attention. I loved Monsters Inc. so this made Monsters University even more amusing seeing all the characters in their college years. It was neat to see all the monsters again and to see them younger, acting how college kids act!

A little description without giving the movie away too much for those who haven't seen it. The main character here is Mike Wazowski, played by the voice of Billy Crystal. The story was based on his life from a small glimpse of his childhood to his college years and onto his career at Monsters Inc. Also, the movie shows he he came to be best friends with the main character of Monsters Inc. James P. Sullivan, played by the voice of John Goodman. Watch them and their wonderful adventures at Monsters University and get ready to laugh 'til your cheeks hurt.


It was so creative how they linked everything from Monsters Inc. to Monsters University. What so funny is how thorough with they were with applying real campus/college life and how they integrated it into the life of the monsters. From fraternities and sororities, dorm rooms to classrooms, students to professors- all the details they played into the movie were so entertaining I couldn't get enough. So go and check out this fun filled film with the family and be entertained by Sully, Mike Wazowski and the rest of the scary, but cute monsters at Monsters University.

 MONSTERS UNIVERSITY is now playing in theatres everywhere!

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