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3 Things You Should Consider Transitioning for the Fall Season

This is a sponsored post by Keurig®.

With the blistering heat subsiding, we’re finally starting to feel the weather cool down in the evenings here in Las Vegas. I decided to dust off the box of beautiful fall décor that my mother-in-law crafted to begin the seasonal transition. As soon as I opened the box, the fragrance of pumpkin spice and cinnamon filled the air! I’m a texture and scent kinda’ gal, and the smell of fall got me excited for cool, crisp weather and to be able to wear all my favorite fall season outfits!

I was taught by my grandparents that life transitions signified the changing of seasons. And as seasons changed, we as humans needed to be prepared and ready for those changes. “You wouldn’t wear a sundress in the snow, right?” is what my Grandmother would always say in Tagalog (Filipino language) every time I’d watch her swap out and store the last season’s clothes and home décor for the new season’s.

She was so right.

Outfits and home décor aren’t the only changes that transition with the seasons — EVERYTHING transitions. From makeup and hair styles (and hair colors) to food and drinks, one of my favorite fall transitions are seasonal coffee flavors!!!

In the spirit of the upcoming fall season, I wanted to share three areas to consider as you prepare for the fall season…

First things first…seasonal coffee! Coffee lovers like me know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s a different kind of feeling we experience when seasonal coffee flavors make their debut! Bringing in fall flavors to coffees, lattes and cappuccinos is easy with the Keurig® K-Café coffeehouse brewer – it’s as simple as a drizzle of caramel syrup or a sprinkle of flavor into your mug all in the comfort of your own home. Enjoying all these perks of my Keurig® K-Cafe coffeehouse brewer allows me to save time and multi-task at home, decorating and swapping out our summer shorts and sandals to make room for our fall sweaters and boots!

I can skip the coffeehouse lines and sip flavors like this delicious Laughing Man® Coffee Colombia Huila

Or this delicious Daybreak Morning Blend Light Roast Coffee by Caribou Coffee® (my personal favorite for making my lattes and cappuccinos).

And I love the simplicity of my Keurig® K-Café coffeehouse brewer! It’s as easy as Brew. Froth. Enjoy. I simply choose a K-Cup® pod flavor, pop it into my brewer, press the “Lattes & Capps” and press the big “K” button to brew and boom! I’ve got a latte or cappuccino.

Want coffee instead? That’s easy too! I do the same steps, except I press the “Coffee” button and press the number of ounces I want (6, 8, 10, or 12) and press the big “K” button to brew and boom! I’ve got coffee!

Does the thought of making froth intimidate you? It did for me too, until I got my Keurig® K-Café coffeehouse brewer. Now if I want froth with my coffees, lattes or cappuccinos, all I have to do is add fresh milk to the silver frother up to either the “Latte” or “Cappuccino” line, put the frother in its place (don’t forget to put the lid back on the frother) and press either the “Latte” or “Cappuccino” button and ta-da! Froth is ready once your brewer beeps.

National Coffee Day is on September 29 and couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I encourage all of you coffee lovers and coffee fans to skip the long lines at coffee shops on National Coffee Day and turn your own house into a coffeehouse using the Keurig® K-Café coffeehouse brewer!

It’s the best day to be at home snuggling up with your significant other and spending that quality time together.

Second, your outfits need to come out of hiding for the fall season. We keep ours in airtight plastic bins with labels that allow us to swap out the seasons.

Here is a helpful how-to on how I transition my outfits for the seasons:

  1. Make sure your current season’s clothing, accessories and shoes are clean and dry before storing and fold them neatly into each categorized bin (for example, put all your tops in one bin and all bottoms in another bin and make sure to label them). Store them in room temperature away from the sun.
  2. Add a fabric softener sheet into your bins to keep your clothes smelling fresh (and not stale) while they are stored away for the next few months.
  3. Bring out the upcoming season’s clothing, accessories, and shoes and be sure to have them laundered or dry cleaned before wearing them. Hang or fold them neatly in your closet by type of clothing and within the same color family (example: hang all your gray sweaters together in one spot).

This will ensure you are dressed for success and less stressed once it’s time to wear season-appropriate attire.

The final area to change up is your home décor. Much of the décor swapping that we do are table centerpieces throughout the house. We have our main décor theme and then add seasonal statement pieces that give the overall décor a touch of elegance (without overdoing it).

Your home should also reflect the changing seasons to set the appropriate mood (and also get you pumped for all the fun, upcoming holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving). Summers are filled with bright and airy colors like yellow, pink, and white and with fall seasons come with bold and warm colors like orange, red-orange, green, and brown. Here are a few of the fall décor pieces we make our centerpieces with:

  1. Artificial fall foliage leaves in green and orange colors
  2. Orange or brown scented candles with dark brown ribbons tied around them
  3. Miniature pumpkins (real or artificial)

We hope this post gave you some fall inspiration to look forward to! Fall is my MOST favorite time of the year, and I don’t waste a second enjoying each fall season. What are some of the things you do when you transition for the fall season? Be sure to share your wisdom in the comments below!


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