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26 Easy Duct Tape Crafts For Kids

Duct Tape Crafts

26 Easy Duct Tape Crafts For Kids

The holidays are approaching and we found 26 cute and easy duct tape crafts to be made with your kids as cute DIY gifts for the Christmas holiday season or even just do yourself! Crafts can be quite costly, but these duct tape crafts are a great way to save on the cost and make some awesome crafts! Duck Tape is a great material that can make just about anything and this list includes anything from boots to bags. There are so many different types of duct tape and you can find a style for just about everything!

Duct Tape Crafts DIY

1. Duct Tape Flower Pen
2. Duct Tape Picture Frames
3. Pocket Notebook
4. Duct Tape Covered Boots
5. How To Decorate A Stool
6. Duct Tape Hair Clips
7. Duck Tape Gift Boxes
8. Duck Tape Gift Bags
9. Mickey & Minnie Gift Card Holders
10. Duct Tape Suitcase
11. Duct Tape Sail Boats
12. Napkin Rings
13. Binoculars for Kids
14. Duct Tape Bracelets
15. Monster Party Hats
16. Pendant Lamp
17. Duct Tape Necklaces
18. Monster Cork Board
19. Arrow Magnets
20. Snakeskin Clutch
21. Zebra Mask
22. Duct Tape Bookmark
23. Duct Tape Headbands
24. Duct Tape Purse
25. Vertical Gardener
26. World Cup Crafts

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