2017 Instagram Photo A Day Challenge

Welcome to our Photo A Day Challenge!

This is our first time creating this Photo A Day Challenge so our hope is that we create a creative space on Instagram for our epic community. I’ve made 2017 my year of relationships – building up, creating, igniting, restoring and making relationships last. Although that is not my word for the year (prayerful is my 2017 word), it was my 2016 word of the year and I want to continue the legacy. Relationships are necessary in every aspect of our lives.

Here’s how we are going to do our Photo A Day Challenge

1. Each month I will unveil our list of photo prompts that will ignite inspiration and help you make your photo purposeful each day. They could be prompts like sparkle, guilty pleasure, silver…you get the picture, and will be used as your photo guide.

2. All you have to do is look at the list everyday and simply post a photo using the photo prompt as inspiration. You don’t have to be a pro photographer (I am definitely not) – this challenge is for everyone and there’s not contest or competition.

3. Share your photo on Instagram or any social media outlet you want to. There’s no rule to this. We’ve seen people share their challenge photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Anywhere really. Join our TIM Photo A Day Facebook group to share in there too so we can all support and encourage one another. Simply use our designated hashtag #VowToStandOut.

4. TheItDad and I (and hopefully others, as our little group grows) will share our favorite photos from each day’s prompt on our Instagram accounts. We’ll tag you if you are featured and you can check them out by following @TheItMom and @TheItDad on Instagram.

5. Here’s the latest and greatest for the January 2017 Instagram Photo A Day Challenge. If you want the list emailed to you each month, subscribe in the box below:

Feel free to leave a comment below for any questions and I’ll help in any way I can. I’m so excited to see your creativity.


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