2015 Hyundai Genesis – the Next Best Thing in Luxury #NextGenesis

Hyundai has some amazing cars coming off the floor, and they flew me out to beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona for the media-introduction for their all-new 2015 Hyundai Genesis. All expenses were paid, but all opinions are my own. At first glance, you'll see how sleek and sporty the interior and exterior looks on Hyundai's new luxury sedan, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis. With the European influences incorporated to go head-to-head with other luxury vehicles like Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW — what will set this sedan apart from the others is the (much) lower price tag! Not to mention that Hyundai received a ton of awards and has been acclaimed as #1 in customer loyalty over the last two years.

Hyundai Genesis 2

First off, did you notice anything different about the Hyundai image overall for the new Genesis? They took a different approach from their traditional logo and revamped it to go with a more luxurious look. LOVE! The exterior boasts sleek and smooth design with a striking hexagon shaped front grille, and I love how polished the body just comes together along with the fun LED headlight light accents — it looks great at night! Living in the desert, there are several parts of Las Vegas where there are zero lights and we oftentimes use the high beams when there are no cars around. With the Genesis' HID Headlights (that have a jewel-like appearance), they will automatically switch between high and low beams when a car is detected to be approaching towards you. Very convenient!

Hyundai Genesis 3

Hyundai Genesis 5

With the Hyundai Genesis, luxury and comfort meet style. Every luxury feature was well thought out and planned, including the REAL open pore wood trim available in different grains, the REAL aluminum, the analog clock, the plush interior leather, the 8-inch navigation touchscreen and the electronic rear window shade (Las Vegas locals NEED this!). Between the sophistication and convenience, the interior offers everything you need to feel comfortable. And the interior space? Research shows its interior is found to be more spacious than the other luxury sedans it compares to.

Hyundai Genesis Interior

And many of our busy parents will come to appreciate the Smart Trunk System technology — it takes the hands-free trunk opening feature to a whole new level by automatically opening the trunk when the smart key is detected within a few feet of the rear bumper for longer than three seconds. It could be in your pocket, purse or tote bag and still work! Such a great idea, especially when it comes to grocery shopping with the kids!

Hyundai Genesis 6

They built a rigid chassy to provide premium driving dynamics, low road noise, good mpg and better safety. We took the Hyundai Genesis for a test drive throughout mountains, hills and rough terrains in Scottsdale to see how the Intelligent Drive Mode feature worked. With this feature, you had the option to switch between modes that altered the steering, transmission, and throttle during your drive to either Normal, Sport, Eco, and even Snow modes! Driving throughout the curves and hills made a huge difference with the modes.

Hyundai Genesis 1

You can choose between their available 3.8L V6 (350 horsepower) or a 5.0L V8 (420 horsepower), and you can choose between a rear wheel drive (RWD) or their new HTRAC® All Wheel Drive (AWD). HTRAC delivers benefits to all-climate conditions versus a traditional AWD–all at the push of a button! The V6 engine averages 22 mpg while the V8 averages 18 mpg.

Hyundai Genesis 2

The safety features in the all-new 2015 Genesis provide greater peace of mind. First off, there's Automatic Emergency Braking — Imagine you're going 40 mph on the road and the kids are fighting in the back. You look back for a quick second, turn back around and all of the sudden a car is coming straight at you! BOOM! You get into an accident because you didn't have enough time to hit your brakes. With Automatic Emergency Braking, it has sensor fusion (there's a camera on the front windshield and a radar on the front grille) and it identifies that you are going to get into a crash. It then automatically applies the brakes to avoid the collision when you are going under 50 mph. Even if you are going over 50 mph, it will still apply the brakes to help lessen the damage occurred from an accident.

The all-new 2015 Genesis also has Smart Cruise Control – even if people slow down to a complete stop on the highway, as long as the car in front of you resumes within 3-seconds, the Hyundai Genesis will also resume driving with you. No need to put your foot on the brake!

Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (ideal for parking structures) vibrate the steering wheel as an alert, and Lane Change Assist senses fast approaching cars that are going into your blind spot and alerts you. Lane Departure Warning alerts you if you exceed your lane boundaries. Lane Change Assist works in conjunction with Lane Departure Warning by correctly steering you back into the correct course of action. And I'm totally loving the Heads-Up Display that displays things like your mph and school zones.

Hyundai Genesis Heads Up Display

Have you ever noticed that when you're on a road trip with other passengers, you tend to get drowsy and tired? That's because the CO2 levels reached more than 2,000 parts per million. Well, Hyundai engineers discovered this and did something about it! With the Hyundai Genesis, they included a first time EVER CO2sensor Control System (located under the glove compartment box). The system monitors the vehicle’s intake of fresh or re-circulated air using a dedicated CO2 sensor. It helps the driver stay alert via their new ventilation system to help ensure the cabin maintains a CO2 concentration well below the 2,000 parts per million level at all times using freshly-ventilated ambient air.

Hyundai Genesis 7

You can connect your Pandora and playlist with Apple integration, text with Siri, and utilize the fast acting Destination Search powered by Google thanks to the hands-free features of the Hyundai Genesis.

Hyundai's research found that buyers felt that time was the most important luxury they wanted to have so Hyundai came out with the Genesis Intelligent Assistant app – notices to simplify your life. For example, you can load up your app with your calendar. Then, if you have a meeting downtown, you'll get a message to leave at 8pm to get to your meeting by 9pm to meet traffic conditions. Also, if you set your default temperature inside the app and the temperature is below what you've set the default to, the Genesis Intelligent Assist app will alert you on the change of temperature and ask you if you want to remote start your vehicle!!! In addition to remote start engines, there are also remote start temperatures (the only service provided by Onstar and the Genesis Intelligent Assist app) that allows you to remote start interior climate controls based on outdoor temperature conditions (perfect for locations where 100 degrees or higher or negative temperatures are common).

Other cool features include: XM Sirius records 22 minutes of the radio station; 30 gigabytes for media storage that store up to 15,000 songs; wifi capabilities (ex: when you pull up to a Starbucks, wifi will connect). And you can opt to select the Premium Navigation that boasts High Defintion (HD) at 9.2 inches with driver system controller. WOW!

Hyundai Genesis 4

They really did think everything through when they created the 2015 Hyundai Genesis. As a past luxury car owner, I know first-hand what other competitors offered and what luxury owners look for in a car, and Hyundai Genesis is definitely the next best thing! With savvy buyers wanting the best in technological advances, no other luxury car brand competitor comes close to the Hyundai Genesis. See for yourself, and don't settle for less!

Hyundai Genesis 9

Starting at $38,000, the Hyundai Genesis will give you the most value for your money. And it comes with TONS of standard features that you'd find as optional with other luxury sedan competitors. Standard features like HD Radio, 18-inch wheels, leather (REAL plush leather, not the synthetic quality), and a standard 8-inch touchscreen navigation system. The Hyundai Genesis is THE most affordable mid-size luxury in the marketplace. #NextGenesis

I also wanted to share a couple of photos during our trip to Scottsdale – between my gorgeous suite and the breathtaking views (Praying Monk shown here), Scottsdale was lovely! And they have a La Madeleine there?! YAY!
Hyundai Genesis 12

Hyundai Genesis 11

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