2012 Las Vegas Film Festival | Press Conference with Lou Gossett, Jr. and Lea Thompson

Living in Las Vegas allows for many great perks, and one of the biggest festivals to hit Vegas is the Las Vegas Film Festival. It boasts of local independent films, actors, actresses, and even some of Hollywood's greatest advocates and supporters of the film industry. This year, I had the pleasure of walking the red carpet and rubbing elbows with some of the industry's best! Meeting Lou Gossett, Jr. and Lea Thompson were experiences of a lifetime. And hearing their stories and testimonies were so inspiring and motivational for me!

Lou Gossett, Jr. really set the precedence for acting and has worked with the industry's greatest! He discussed working with the Boys and Girls Club, and how important it is to set an example for your children and setting the right foundation for them. As a Christian, he referenced the love he had for his grandmother and said, “God is always in charge. Whether you like it or not, He is. Calm down and let us trust the higher power – we are all children of God.” Wow!

I personally had the opportunity to sit with Lou one-on-one and learned some pretty amazing things about him. There is a reason for his fame, and he is truly an extraordinary gentleman. I've learned that he was married to a Filipina for over 27 years, won an Academy Award, and loves baseball! He's also been in the Marines, has played over 72 roles, was able to meet Nelson Mandela in Africa, and his favorite part of Las Vegas is the UNLV baseball team!

Lou Gossett, Jr. has a book written called An Actor and a Gentleman(book description: Award-winning African American actor Lou Gossett Jr. takes an unvarnished look at the daunting challenges and incredible triumphs of his fifty-five year career).

We learned that Lea Thompson gravitates more on uplifting and encouraging roles. She likes to see how other people live and do things in her role and finds the little details interesting. Currently her two daughters (who she jokes as being their acting coach) are now acting (daughter Zoey Deutch is currently in CW's hit thriller series, ” Ringer”).

Lea's favorite motto: “You learn by teaching.” and started acting at the age of 12 (performing in musicals and as a dancer). Lea Thompson admitted to having trouble learning her lines unless she was at the spot of the scene and looking at the person – in fact, if the scene or person changed, her memory and mind would go haywire. She also spoke of working with Director Clint Eastwood and actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Edgar.

Check out the video clip below of her experience with Clint Eastwood, Hollywood, and her interaction with Lou Gossett, Jr. Along with acting, Lea Thompson and her husband are both Directors and carry a very busy schedule.

When I asked Lea Thompson about tips as an ‘It-Mom' to balancing life, she gave two really great tips:
1. Give yourself some quality alone time to refresh, reflect, and regenerate.
2. As a working mom, try not to show your children you feel guilty about going to work. When her two daughters were little, she used to show them enthusiasm and excitement every morning about leaving for work. “Your children will appreciate that when they're older and won't associate working as a bad thing.”

Interestingly, she explained that a woman's acting career ends after the age of 35 — she didn't do any roles for 15 years after having babies because she was over 35 and with children. She told insiders that if she weren't acting or directing, she would be a dancer or dance teacher. We will always remember Lea Thompson on her role in Back To The Future!

I had such a great time hanging out with the both of them, and left the Press Conference with encouragement, faith, hope, and motivation!


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    Correction: P.A. for one of the Vegas guest making an appearance with you from L.A.

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