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20 Creative and Simple DIY Nail Tutorials To Pamper Your Nails Now

I don't know about you, but I love having my nails painted, decked out with nail art, and overall pampered. My budget nor my schedule allow for me to head to the salon whenever I want to get my nails painted or to go for the up-keep of fake nails. Thankfully, I've gotten pretty good at giving myself a manicure and painting my nails in various ways. You should see my nail polish collection – it's like Pokemon, I gotta get them all. I love variety in colors, so I'm a sucker when new seasonal shades come out.

I've gathered 20 different links of DIYs that will totally pamper your nails. Give yourself a well-deserved mani, paint your nails following one of these awesome tutorials, and finish it off by using your own gold leaf top coat. Yes, you will feel like the queen you are once you spoil yourself!

A Beautiful Mess – Modern Nude Mani 3-Ways

The Crafted Sparrow – DIY Glitter Nail Polish

Studio DIY – DIY Sand Art Manicure

DIY Projects for Teens – DIY Nail Art Monarch Butterfly

Totally the Bomb – Trendy Nail Tutorials

A Subtle Revelry – Magical Glitter Nails

Positively Splendid – DIY Portable Mani Pedi Kit

A Helicopter Mom – Pop Art Nails

A Night Owl Blog – Color Blocking Nail Tutorial

The Crafted Sparrow – DIY Nautical Inspired Nail Decals

As the Bunny Hops – Stained Glass Nails

Twin Dragonfly Designs – DIY Manicure Station

A Beautiful Mess – Water Marbled Mani DIY

Dream a Little Bigger – DIY Gold Leaf Top Coat

Studio DIY – DIY Banana Split Manicure

Totally the Bomb – Rainbow Nails

DIY Projects for Teens – DIY Galaxy Nails

The Beauty Department – Nautical Themed Nail Art

All Day Chic – Refined Gradient Nails DIY

The Wonder Forest – DIY Nail Wraps

And here's a post I wrote on my own DIY French Manicure nail tutorial. It's an older post but with really easy and attainable tips for busy moms!