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11 T-shirts April The Giraffe Wants You To Wear

11 T-shirts April The Giraffe Wants You To Wear

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The collective world is anxiously waiting upon April the Giraffe’s newborn to enter this world. We all held hands together throughout the whole month of March, and nothing happened. When April 1st rolled around, we were all expecting a huge “April Fool’s” sign to be displayed on the Zoo’s Facebook page and April the Giraffe’s website. Nope. It’s not a joke at all. April the giraffe is still very pregnant…and maybe in labor? Every day we look at her live feed to check in on her, and nothing has happened. I’ve decided to change my whole mindset about April. Instead of being disappointed on a daily basis, I’ve decided to wear t-shirts to show my love and support for her. I’ve found 11 t-shirts to share with you that I am pretty sure that April the giraffe would want you to wear to show your support for her!

I Spent March Watching April

This T-Shirt sums up my whole life for the month of March. I visited the site daily to see if she had given birth yet. Nope. Nothing. Now I have to see if the month of April is the April’s month to give birth.

I Love You April

No matter what April has put me and my anxiety through, I still love her. She’s got my heart, and is so adorable! I just wanna squeeze her neck off with my hugs.

April Watch Survivor

I’m a survivor, and I’m pretty sure that you are too. Come on. We’ve made it through a whole month, so we can do another!

April with Her Child

I’m totally wearing this T-shirt once April finally gives birth! It’s my form of celebration for to finally have the kid. I don’t care where I am, this shirt will be by my side.

April In Your Pocket

Now you can carry April with you wherever you may go! The very best part of it? She fits in your pocket. She’s right there with her little face of happiness.

Oliver and April

Yes, we have to bring up Oliver in all of this mess. I mean, he IS the reason she’s preggos and ready to drop that baby…some time this year.

April 2017

April would totally want you to wear this shirt! This way, there’s no pressure about what month she is supposed to have her baby.

April Watch

She would just love you wearing this t-shirt loud and proud! Everyone will join in on the April Lovefest and want a shirt, too.

Sorry I can’t, I’m watching April

This the most honest t-shirt that you’re going to wear anywhere. Once in a lifetime, something magical happens. The magic becomes intensified while wearing this.

Addicted to April

This is another amazing t-shirt that April is going to love you wearing in support for her. She’s already loved, but who knew we were all going to be so addicted in waiting for her bundle of joy to appear…some time this year.

April is My Spirit Animal

 She’s pretty much my spirit animal. Personally, I love to make people wait for me to enter the room, unwrap a present, or for a yummy dinner that I’ve been slaving over. She’s my girl.

April the giraffe has gone through a lot in the month of March. Sooner or later, she’s bound to give birth. I just want to let her know that I have her back. I have tons of t-shirts to prove it, and to prove my undying love for her. You can, too! I know you’re already an April fan, now you can show the proof of your undying love to the whole world.